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Since 2014, West Kelowna Professional Firefighters have gotten together around the theme “Fire in the Mountains” bringing together their abilities, teamwork, and passion for the amazing wilderness BC has to offer.


Through these expeditions they provide individuals who face barriers to access, opportunities to explore new places and gain new experiences in the outdoors by providing significant manpower support. The therapeutic effects of such journeys are not lost on the firefighters.

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Each year the West Kelowna Professional Firefighters, work with CRIS to dream up a new expedition to create the experience of a lifetime for lucky applicants. Participants experience activities and places that many would perceive as impossible or out of reach for persons with disabilities.
Year to year the trips may look or have a different focus, not always being in the mountains, but a few things are always guaranteed;
adventure, challenge, friendship, and laughter. 

Haida Gwaii FITM 2023

Gulf Islands FITM 2022

Join a trip

Once the planning is done, we put out a call for applications for the annual trip. It is a brief application that is shared with the firefighters and they have the difficult process of selecting who to offer the opportunity to each year.

Click the button below to add yourself to our mailing list, so that we send you an application for the experience of a lifetime!

Applications usually open early spring with selection in May or June.




I have been struggling with depression, and it really lifted my mood. It reminded me that I am NOT just a random collection of illnesses, but a person of strength and worth. It made me want to be stronger and more active physically, and it fed my soul

I have never met a more capable and dependable group of people, but beyond that, the experience heals the spirit. This trip sounded impossible to me, but it all happened and I got to explore Desolation Sound in a kayak. I would go anywhere in the world with CRIS, and once again feel like a person instead of a disability.



Crying as we paddled along a cloud-filled lake at the beauty and stillness I thought I could never experience again, the joy of freedom!   I could do things again and the hope and realization that I could experience them again has changed me forever.


These trips have a tremendous impact on not only the participant's life, but also on the lives of those volunteering. These trips help to improve mental and physical health, while breaking down social and physical barriers and promoting inclusion for all.

Past Expeditions

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