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Volunteer With AWE


Here is some more information outlining what we look for in our incredible volunteers. As a
volunteer you...

  • Are an outdoor recreation enthusiast!

  • Are positive in all situations

  • Are easy-going and fun to be around

  • Function well under pressure and when tired

  • Are able to self-monitor for fatigue, thirst, and hunger

  • Thrive in a team environment and are able to follow direction

  • Are happy to be stripped of all worldly possessions and creature comforts

  • Are not afraid to be the strongest and the weakest (mentally and physically) person in the group at times

  • Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

  • Love to make dreams come true

  • Have other valuable expedition skills like:

  • Are certified guides or have a breadth of experience in specific trip activities (Hunting, Fishing,
    Hiking, Paddling, Mountain biking, etc.)

  • Wilderness first aid

  • Knowledge or experience in providing personal care

  • Are backcountry Jamie Olivers

  • Other specialty skills you feel make you a valuable addition to our team!

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